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Alimony – Greensburg, PA

Alimony Attorney
in Greensburg, PA

Call Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law,
for Alimony Representation

Do you need to hire an alimony attorney in Uniontown, PA, to represent you in an alimony matter? Call Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law, for alimony representation. If you are getting a divorce and need guidance with getting alimony payments from your spouse, our firm can help. We can work out a fair and reasonable alimony agreement for spouses who do not have their own income. This includes those who may be disabled, or who have limited income and most often require financial support.

Our law firm assists spouses in need of guidance and representation in alimony cases that can be confusing and complex. Attorney House is experienced and maintains a high level of client satisfaction in these matters. We can even help clients modify an existing alimony agreement. 

If you want Attorney House to assist in alimony agreement or modify an existing agreement, call our office for a consultation at (724) 628-4955.

How Does the Court Determine Alimony Payments?

The court will award alimony to a spouse who will likely not be able to meet their financial needs after a divorce. There are many factors that the court considers in determining how much alimony a spouse will receive after a divorce. Those factors range from the length of the marriage to income, to the ability to pay alimony, and more. Some of the factors that determine alimony include:

  • Income

  • Ability to Pay

  • Length of the Marriage

  • Each Spouse’s Age

  • Retirement/Health Insurance

  • Tax Consequences (Property)

  • Economic Conduct

  • Education

  • Employment History

  • Mental or Physical Disability

  • Minor Children

Protect Your Financial Future
with Alimony

Loss of a second income can drastically change your way of living. Instead of struggling to pay bills and find child care, let Attorney House fight for fair alimony. Alimony payments help to keep your lifestyle similar to how it was when you were married. This can help you to maintain rent or mortgage payments, medical payments, child care, and more. With many years of financial experience, trust Attorney House to assist with alimony settlements.

Attorney for Complex Alimony Matters
in Greensburg, PA

Working out an alimony agreement can be a difficult and complex matter. Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law understands what you are going through as a family in Westmoreland County. We want to assure you that being hurt and confused during your legal matter is completely normal. Our goal is to offer you compassion during this tough time, as well as the best alimony agreement we can reach with your spouse. We want to resolve your divorce efficiently and compassionately. Margaret Zylka House provides help on complex matters, so contact our alimony attorney in Greensburg, PA, today.