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Child Custody and Child Support
in Connellsville, PA

Attorney Margaret Zylka House
Obtains Quality Outcomes

When you need representation for child custody and child support in Connellsville, PA, contact Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law. Child support and child custody cases can become contentious, which is why you need Attorney House on your side. Obtain quality outcomes to know that your child or children are receiving proper support payments, consult with our law firm.

We have the experience to help families determine if there is enough to support your children. We help spouses gain full child custody or share custody of the children.

If you want Attorney House to represent you in a child support or child custody case, call our office for a consultation at (724) 628-4955. We proudly serve clients throughout Connellsville, PA; Uniontown, PA; Mount Pleasant, PA; and the surrounding areas.

Hire Our Compassionate Lawyers
to Resolve Your Child Custody

Child custody cases can become emotional and contentious between the divorcing parents. Trust Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law to step in and resolve the case calmly. We want to keep the children’s best interests as the number one priority. The court considers the children’s relationship with the parents, any possible violence or abuse at home, and the ability to provide competent care.

There are Different Types
of Child Custody

There are different types of custody, including sole custody and joint custody. Sole custody belongs to the parent who has the exclusive right of physical and/or legal custody of a child. Joint custody means that both parents have the same amount of legal and physical custody. Attorney House will help obtain the custody that is best for all involved.

Attorney House Can Help
Modify the Child Support Agreement

Did you know that the court can modify the child support agreement with your spouse? If there’s a loss of a job or unexpected expenses, it may be time to review and modify your child support needs. Hire Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law to help modify the agreement.

Pennsylvania offers basic child support guidelines to help you determine reasonable support expectations. We can adjust the amount of monetary support for children as they get older. Factors that lead to modification of child support include extraordinary health, educational, or employment expenses.

We Help Parents Collect
Overdue Child Support in Connellsville, PA

Parents who do not live with the children most of the time usually pay the parent of children who takes care of them most of the time. When the paying parent stops paying child support, it puts a financial and emotional strain on the other parent. Has your spouse stopped paying their child support? Attorney Margaret Zylka House is a fierce advocate for parents who have not received overdue child support payments. We can help you with collecting past-due payments. The Department of Health and Human Services handles those cases.

Contact Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law, for unmatched child custody and child support representation in Connellsville, PA.