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LLC Formation Attorney in Connellsville, PA
Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law

Learn About the Benefits
of LLC Formation in Connellsville, PA

When you need access to a qualified LLC formation attorney in Connellsville, PA, talk to Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law. When starting a business, you have a number of options when it comes to the type of entity you wish to incorporate under. One of the most beneficial types of business entities for smaller businesses is a limited liability company. Depending on the size and number of owners your business will have, this option can benefit you through taxes, liability, and flexibility. When you speak to Attorney House, you can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of forming an LLC. This can help you determine if it is the right option for your new business.

For more information, give us a call today at (724) 628-4955 or contact us online to take the first step.

LLCs Limit Liability
and Expand Management Flexibility

When it comes to forming an LLC, two of the main reasons to do so include limited liability and expanded management flexibility. As opposed to other types of businesses, LLCs are their own legal entities that remain disconnected from their owners. That means that the only assets you can lose in an LLC are the assets invested in your company. Your personal assets like your home and bank account remain safe from both business debts and business-related lawsuits. LLCs also do not have formal business structures or limits on shareholders, which allows extreme flexibility with both management and ownership. This includes flexibility when it comes to profit distributions. For more information on forming an LLC in Connellsville, PA, talk to attorney Margaret Zylka House today.

Pass-Through Taxation
Keeps You From Paying Twice in Scottdale, PA

Another important element of forming an LLC in the Scottdale, PA, area is the tax benefits of choosing an LLC. As opposed to corporations, the IRS taxes LLCs in the same way it would for a sole proprietorship or a partnership, depending on the number of owners. This means that the business itself receives “pass-through” taxation, where the LLC itself does not pay income taxes directly. These taxes “pass through” to the owners of the business, where they will file the company’s profits under their personal taxes. This prevents the kind of double taxation which corporations have to pay. Contact Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law, for a consultation with our LLC formation attorney in Connellsville, PA.