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PFA – Mount Pleasant, PA

Get Protection from Abuse or PFA in Mount Pleasant, PA
Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law

Attorney House Helps You
Break Free from Your Abuser

Victims of domestic violence can get a Protection from Abuse or PFA in Mount Pleasant, PA, with experienced legal help. Call Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law right away to stand up and fight for you when you need a PFA.  You will have a tenacious and compassionate lawyer on their side.

Attorney House helps you maneuver through all of the legal steps to get a PFA. It takes a lot of courage to break free from domestic abuse. We want to help in any way we can. Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law skillfully represents clients in PFA matters.

Call our office in Connellsville for a consultation at (724) 628-4955.

We Use the PFA in Various Ways
to Stop the Abuse

Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law uses the PFA as an effective shield against the abuser. We seek various results, including ordering him or her not to abuse, threaten, harass, or stalk the victim. Domestic violence abusers often mistreat their victims without anybody else knowing. Attorney House can help stop that behavior. The PFA can also result in evicting the other party from the victim’s home and prohibit contact with the abused. The order can provide temporary child support and child custody orders, order weapons to be turned over, and more.

Obtain PFAs Against a
Family Member or Intimate Partner

An abused person obtains a PFA for protection from abuse by an intimate partner or family member. The abuser could be a spouse, parent, child, or sexual or intimate partner. A judge can sign a PFA order to prevent further physical or mental abuse by one person against another. Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law can help obtain a PFA as a civil solution rather than a criminal case. There are various reasons why a person would want to obtain a PFA, including:

  • Attempting to Cause Bodily Harm

  • Rape

  • Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse

  • Sexual Assault

  • Statutory Sexual Assault

  • Aggravated Indecent Assault

  • Indecent Assault

  • Physically or Sexually Abusing Minor Children

  • Falsely Imprisoning the Victim

  • Threatening the Victim with Bodily Injury

  • Stalking the Victim

Our Firm Fights for the Justice You Deserve
in Mount Pleasant, PA

Domestic violence is unacceptable. Margaret Zylka House, Attorney at Law fights for the justice you need and deserve in this trying time. We can use our background in financial planning to show you it is possible to live successfully on your own. Our firm wants you to know that you do not have to live in fear, pain, or misery. If a spouse or other household member has subjected you to domestic violence, seek help by contacting the police. Assault is a serious crime. You should not remain in a home where you are suffering abuse. Contact us when you need to get Protection from Abuse or a PFA order in Mount Pleasant, PA.